Check the health of your parents in rural area with a smartphone
Advanced ICT-based services to address various social issues, such as Smart City Service to check the health and monitor..

February 02, 2017

Busan Declaration of Digital-5 Governments
Digital-5 governments, Estonia, Israel, Korea, New Zealand, and the UK signed the Busan Declaration during the 3rd D5 Mi..

November 18, 2016

Leading digital governments to present a blueprint for the future of e-Governmen..
Five leading digital governments, Korea, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Estonia, and Israel, will adopt the 'Digital-5..

November 18, 2016

Digital-5 Ministers to envision the future of e-Government in Korea
Ministers and experts on e-Government from five leading digital governments, Korea, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Est..

November 17, 2016

Korea Today

King Uija (의자왕, 義慈王) (r. 641-660)
King Uija (의자왕, 義慈王) (r. 641-660), the final Baekje king, is mentioned in Book 28 of the "History" and in Chapter 34 of ..

February 23, 2017

Million-year-old fossil suggests species diversity
The trackway of a mammal from the earliest Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era (145 to 66 million years ago), which ho..

February 22, 2017

Pennames reveal hidden sides to Joseon scholars
Seoul’s Gwanak-gu District provides lectures on a range of liberal art subjects, such as history, library science, mytho..

February 21, 2017

Life in a traditional Hanok home in Bukchon
Last year when I was living for a month in the capital of Korea, Seoul, I had a great opportunity to live for 15 days in..

February 20, 2017