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Six leading digital governments will gather in Busan
Date : 2016-09-29 Read : 803
Six leading digital governments will gather for the third Digital-5 Summit to be hosted in Busan, Korea this year from November 10 to 11.

Digital-5 has been a group of five digital government leaders, specifically Korea, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Estonia, and Israel. At the third Summit, Denmark will join the group as a new member to form Digital-6.

As the host of this year’s Summit, the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Korea attended the D-5 steering committee meeting held in Tallinn, Estonia on September 21 to prepare for the upcoming third Summit to be held in Busan in November. Among the meeting agenda was the Busan Communique that will contain the vision of the participating countries. After an in-depth discussion with Chief Information Officers from the participating countries, the five countries agreed to sign and announce the Busan Communique at the third Summit.

On September 22, the officials of the Ministry of the Interior attended E-Leaders 2016, a high-level meeting held by OECD, which was held in Tallinn. This year’s OECD E-leaders meeting was attended by Chief Information Officers from 34 OECD member countries and was composed of five sessions under the theme of “Leading the Digital Transformation: a data-driven public sector for sustainable and inclusive governance.”

During this event, officials from Korea presented what made it number one in the OECD OUR Data Index in 2015. They also introduced their plan to designate and improve national master data, discussing ways of systematic data management across the government.

Director General Lee In-jae for E-Government at the Ministry of the Interior commented, “Hosting the third D-5 Summit in Busan, Korea will not just keep up with but lead the international efforts in paradigm shift to data-driven government.”