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Affiliated Organizations

National Archives of Korea

Quality management of digital archiving

Realizing a trustworthy government with efficient archiving management
  • National Archives of Korea (NAK) oversees policy formulation, law enactment and revision on public and presidential archives affairs for the systematic management of national archiving.
Strengthening archiving infrastructure for advanced management
  • NAK is dedicated to expanding the archiving management system, restoration R&D, training programs, industry-government-academia collaboration, and capacity building for systematic operation.
Knowledge-based information society realized through convenient services of archiving resources
  • To satisfy the people’s right to know, various services are available for public access at the archive information center and national a rchiving portals.
Raising global profile through promoting archiving culture as a national brand
  • Korea’s accession to the International Congress on Archives (ICA), cooperative partnership with China, Russia and Australia, and the hosting of international conferences, have further strengthened our global capacity in pursuing international collaboration.

Government Buildings Management Office

Promoting a pleasant working environment

Dedicated to creating safe and pleasant workplaces
  • Government Buildings Management Office endeavors to reinforce the security of Government Complex, at the same time providing space for arts and culture for everyone working in the building.
Efficient management and quality services of government buildings
  • Energy-saving and green government complex is promoted through the systematic maintenance of buildings as well as expanded childcare facilities, increasing the level of users’ satisfaction.
Smart Government Complex
  • Energy-efficient and smart government buildings are planned for construction in the new Regional Government Complex and Innovation City.
  • Future-oriented working environment with high-tech facilities are planned in the construction of Sejong City Government Complex to promote optimal work efficiency in the civil service.

National Computing and Information Service

Efficient management of national information resources

Protecting e-Government from cyber threats
  • National Computing and Information Service (NCIS) manages computerized administrative systems of government agencies and promptly responds to cyber attacks such as DDoS(Distributed Denial-of-Service), hacking, and computer viruses.
Economical operation of national information resources
  • The national information communication network and e-Government enables integrated purchase and usage of information resources, thus promoting more cost-efficient way of information management.
Supporting smart e-Government infrastructure with cutting-edge technology
  • To respond to a fast changing administrative environment, NCIS works with MOI to further promote smart work, mobile administration, and cloud computing services.

National Forensic Service

Realizing a just society with the power of scientific investigation

Pursuing a safer society with accurate analysis techniques
  • National Forensic Service (NFS) offers full scientific investigation through autopsy, DNA identification, lie detection, analysis of digital evidence, drugs/toxicology, narcotics, and fire/vehicle accidents.
Research and development
  • NFS offers cutting-edge investigation techniques for analyzing advanced and intellectual crimes.
  • Also, NFS conducts patent work and academic research in new analysis techniques, which are shared with the international community.
Leading the field of forensic science with world-class analysis techniques
  • Korea’s renowned forensic analysis techniques are disseminated worldwide for the development of forensic science.
Expanding scientific investigation capacity through various training programs
  • NFS provides specialized training for forensic investigation experts and relevant institutions, as well as programs to raise public alertness on crimes.