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Government 3.0

What Is Government 3.0?

“New Paradigm for Government Operation”

Better Governance, Happier Citizens(Customized Public Services, New Jobs and New Growth Engines) - [Service-Oriented Government, Competent Government, Transparent Government] - Openness, Sharing, Communication, Collaboration

Government 3.0 is a new paradigm for government operation to deliver customized public services and generate new jobs in a creative manner by opening and sharing government-owned data to the public and encouraging communication and collaboration between government departments.

Government 3.0 is to make the government more service-oriented, competent, and transparent, thus pursuing the happiness of citizens.

Transparent Government
  • Releasing government-owned public data
  • Encouraging private sector to use public data
  • Promoting private-public partnership
Competent Government
  • Removing barriers between government departments
  • Internalizing collaboration and communication within the government
  • Encouraging intelligent administration through Big Data
Service-Oriented Government
  • Providing customized public services
  • Offering a one-stop shop for business support services
  • Narrowing the digital divide
  • Utilizing cutting-edge IT to customize public services